Additional I/O

Additional I/O are available for all versions of the OmniTurn, GT-75, GT-Jr and attachments. They can be added to machines with normal spindle drives or C axis. The PLC is supplied on a panel with marked terminals.

The OmniTurn control can read inputs and set outputs on the PLC. Simple M functions can be configured with programs configurable by the end user.

Common Uses

Simple automatic loaders: The PLC and configuration of M functions can be used to drive simple automatic loaders. If the loader is complex and requires a non linear sequence with times or counters, then do not rely on this option. Use a separate PLC and contact the factory for information on interfacing with the OmniTurn.

Magazine Barfeed: The PLC kit is perfect for interfacing the OmniTurn to a magazine bar feed. The OmniTurn has built in a conditional M function that is used for an end of bar sequence.

The standard kit has
  • 8 inputs - 24V DC (supplied by PLC)
  • 6 outputs - configured for 12V DC for use with the OmniTurn power supply
    • 2 solid state outputs
    • 4 relay outputs with a common leg

The kit is configured with a number of standard M functions for inputs and outputs. A conditional input M function is also supplied.

M functions can be configured by the end user. Documentation is supplied in the manual to assist customers with this. A total of 10 M functions can be created and used in all programs on the machines.

This is the placard that is supplied with the PLC kit. It is attached to the sheetmetal adjacent to the kit.