Dead length work stop
Work stops in the drawtube or collet will not help eliminate the drawback of the 5C collet due to part diameter variation. If the part size varies, the pull back will change by as much as 3 times the diameter variation. This stop is designed to stop this. 4 locking pins are used to lock against the inside of the spindle, not the draw tube. This eliminates the drawback. The draw tube must be modified to allow the pins to pass through.

Shipping weight: 6#

The workstop has a 3/8-16 tapped hole on the face to accept a work stop. This stop can be modified to changed the location of the end of the stop. The standard blank is soft, hard stops can be special ordered.
The kit comes with special wrench that allows you to lock the stop inside the spindle . The stop is long enough to make it out the back of the machine