Direct drive spindle option for attachments
Over the years OmniTurn has helped automate more than a few Hardinge lathes. We have been advocating the addition of both 2 and 5hp variable speed drives. These systems have proven that they are reliable and up to the task of supporting the requirements placed on them. However as time has gone on we have found ways to improve the systems. With most retrofits, the spindle drive includes a vari-shiv drive belt for speed adjustment and a clutch/brake assembly. These two items add components that slow down and diminish the system’s overall performance.

The vari-shiv belt system takes much more power to drive than a standard belt system.

    • The pulleys are 5 times larger than a standard belt pulley. The inertia added by these pulleys is significant in hindering the stopping and starting of the spindle.
    • The belts for the vari-shiv are very thick and require significant additional power to drive.
    • The vari-shiv system adds an intermediate shaft with second belt. More belt issues, additional bearings, and a shaft the shiv rides on that wears out causing vibration and noise.
  • The clutch/brake assembly also add additional mass and inertia problems. There is also the issue of additional bearings and drive shafts included in the system when they are not really needed.

OmniTurn has come up with a system where the intermediate shivs, belts, and drives are no longer needed. You can remove all the heavy belts and pulley and replace them with a single belt and simple, smaller pulleys. The systems run much smother, quieter, and with much less inertia. Older 2hp systems that had problems shutting down while running shorter cycles are given a new life with these direct drive system. The new belt and pulleys take only 2-3 hours to install.

Installed by OmniTurn, plus T&E
Parts only, includes belt, modified spindle pulley, and pulley for motor. Original pulley from Hardinge must be returned to the factory for this price.