High Pressure Coolant

High pressure coolant is now available for all OmniTurn GT-75's, new and old. High pressure coolant helps with a number of issues. Shown above is a sample turn in steel. On the right is done with standard coolant. On the left is with high pressure. Notice the better finish.

Our system is simple and not to overly wrought with options and bells and whistles. The system includes a high pressure pump, modified coolant tank, M function controlled 3 phase motor, 1 manifold, 2 coolant lines with M function controlled solenoids, and mounting hardware. The system requires 3 spare M functions. If you are using a C axis machine there is a good chance that you have enough spares. If not or with a standard 5hp spindle drive you will require an additional I/O kit.

The pressure is adjustable from 300 to 1200 psi.