OmniTurn Accessories
Polyurethane Spindle Liners
One piece polyurethane spindle liners are lighter than conventional metal spindle liners. The reduced weight means less rotating mass inside the spindle and lower wear on the spindle.

The spindle liners inner bore can be molded to the shape and size stock being fed through the spindle. The bore is molded into the entire liner as opposed to just a few locations (on non-round) in the conventional metal liners. This allows for optimal control of bar whip and its associated problems Furthermore, the spindle liner consists of polyurethane material which has significantly higher vibration dampening or reduction properties than the metal material being used in conventional spindle liners. These features produce the following enhanced benefits when compared to conventional metal spindle liners:

Ability to hold proper part tolerances thereby reducing scrap rates and increasing productivity. The bar stock is also protected from marring or scratching.

Reduces wear on machine cutting tools due to the vibration deadening properties of the material.

Noise Reduction

Faster speed of metal turning and cutting operations while maintaining optimal machine control leads to increased machine productivity.

The one piece polyurethane spindle liner is more durable and virtually indestructible compared to the conventional metal spindle liner. It is also non-corrosive material.

1/8" Round
1/4" Round
3/8" Round
1/2" Round
3/4" Round
The above spindle liners are kept in stock at all times. Other sizes and shapes are available on order. Delivery for customer sizes and shapes are about 5 days. Hex, Square, and other extruded shapes are no problem! Give us a call