Simply Simple OmniTurn Automation
OmniZip Fast Loader

Video of OmniZip Fast Loader

OmniTurn announces the introduction of the FastZip rear end loader. OmniTurn lathes and attachments have been designed for fast, high volume, precision turning. Here is a loader that has been designed to enhance the OmniTurn and make it more productive. The loader is simple, yet it covers a very wide range of needs for a shop with production turning. The OmniZip can be used as a short bar feed, then changed over to hand single operations on long thin parts.


  • FAST: Part to part load time is under 5 seconds. Much faster than other rear end loaders that take up to 15 seconds per part
  • Simple installation:
  • Intended for use with the OmniTurn GT-75, OmniTurn GT-Jr., and OmniTurn attachments.
  • The OmniZip bolts to the back of the OmniTurn and plugs into a simple interface.
  • Self contained controls and electronics. The unit comes fully assembled. Bolt it to the floor,


  • Load bars up to 24” long. Perform standard bar feed type operations.
    • Load a bar to a stop on the slide
    • Machine a part and cut off
    • Push the bar to the stop for the next part
    • When the bar is complete, load the next bar
  • Load individual part from standard infeed rack for secondary operations
    • Push new part into spindle
    • Pull pusher back .1”
    • Machine part
    • Open collet, push part out of collet
    • Drop back, prepare to load next part
  • Load individual parts from optional high volume add-ons.
    • bowl feed adaptor - escaped from bowl into track
    • Loader mounted Bin to hold up to 1000 parts

Compact footprint

  • Adds only 5’ to the overall length of the machine
  • Only 2’ wide
    · Easily removed to machine
    • Can be removed easily for storage
    • Or moved from machine to machine
      · Simple to maintain and service
      • Simplicity is key, all components are available off the shelf
      • Open construction aids in setup and care
      • Off the shelf, American made electronics and components