Rotary dial pick and place loaders

The Rotary Dial loader has a number of advantages. Here is a discussion of the differences and applications of this type of loader. If you have any questions on application, pricing, or modifications from the standard style, give us a call

Rotary Dial Advantages

Quick change overs - Great for intermediate batch sizes, change over from job to job in only minutes! Change the Dial, Change the Jaws
A Removable dial - change over from job to job, new dials are inexpensive and easy to machine for your jobs. If you need the drum machined by us, please send parts for a quotation
B Removable grippers - change over in minutes. Blank jaws are available. We can also machine them to spec.
C Dial home location switch - the home location of the dial is determined by a sensor. On machine startup the home location is found every time. The loader always starts from the same location
D Shuttle end of stroke adjustment. The end of stroke on the out motion is adjustable by a screw type dead stop. If you machine the dial with different parts at different diameters, you can change the drum by just adjusting the stop. See detail page.
E Programable indexer - the number of indexes per dial rotation is set by a selector switch. Changing parts per dial is done in a second!
Part orientation - manually load the dial, orient the part as needed. No fancy systems!
Part handling - delicate parts handled with care, and if needed, they are return part to dial. Load/Unload capable.
High capacity - Fit as many as 300 parts per load - at 45 seconds per part, that is almost 4 hours of unattended run time.
In process inspection is possible
Intergrated with the OmniTurn control - The electrical panel is fully intergrated with the OmniTurn's panel. Clean, well documented schematics are supplied with each system.
Compact system fits in tight spaces! The unit takes up no shop floor space. It will even fit in the GT-75.
Pricing - Very fairly priced for a system that can be changed over quickly and left to run for hours unattended.