This part is 12L14. It has been dropped off a multi with only the course internal thread to be done. The thread is a special acme with 8 tpi. The customer that was running these was originally runing them on a Hardinge Conquest (41 seconds) They tried it on their Ikegi since the rapid travels were faster than the Hardinge (44 seconds). OmniTurn ran it on a GT-Jr and got 23 seconds with the same number of passes. We were able to modify the program and knocked the cycle time down to 15 seconds. The reasons for the tremendous increase in production were:
  • The Hardinge was limited to only 125" per minute for the threading cycle. The OmniTurn is able to go to 300" per minute
  • The OmniTurn does not have dwells at the end of each threading pass. The Hardinge and Ikegi do.
  • The OmniTurn was able to thread starting on the inside of the part and go out. The Hardinge and Ikegi had to start outside and go in. This created problems with chips inside the part. The OmniTurn was able to thread going out, this pulled the chip out and make the process more consistant.

Video tape of part being cut