Accuracy: .0001" Axis Repeatability: .00005" Spindle Runout: .000025"

The OmniTurn GT-75 and GT-Jr have been specially designed for the production turning shop. They have all the features required for both bar and secondary work: Speed, Accuracy, Repeatability, and the ability to be changed over very quickly.

The GT's are the result of years of experience in building and installing thousands of CNC gang tool lathes. The OmniTurn organization has a reputation for delivering machines that perform as advertised and are supported by a knowledgeable staff.

A commitment to Speed, Precision, and Simplicity!

OmniTurn has spent decades in designing and developing the best small high precision lathe available today. The American made machine and control are the state of the art in electronics, software, and mechanical engineering. We are proud to offer this line of lathes that have proven themselves over the last decades with constant use throughout the world.

OmniTurn, one of the most accurate lathes available today.

The lathe is capable of holding "tenths" in production all day long. The tolerances the GT-75 and GT-Jr are able to maintain are hard to match, even with machines weighing 5 times as much and costing 3 times more! The ability to do this is a result of:

The very fast and stable control

The use of the best available components

Keeping the machine as simple and direct as possible

Exceptional precision and quality during manufacturing

OmniTurn's simple design = amazing versatility

OmniTurn does not promise to be all things for all applications: what we do promise is that for the niche that we cater to, you will not find a more flexible or productive machine. With OmniTurn's simple design it can be configured to carry out most small precision turning requirements:

Manually loaded production secondaries

Short run prototypes and engineering

Bar feed high production

Automated high volume secondaries

Factory direct service tremendously enhances the product.

Not only do we supply the best lathes, we provide expert support and service too. OmniTurn's pledge to offering the best is fulfilled by its support team. We go to great lengths to hire only highly trained and motivated people in all areas of the company. Our goal as a company is to make you as successful and profitable with your OmniTurn as possible. While contemplating the purchase of an OmniTurn you only begin to see what we as a company are capable of. After the sale, OmniTurn's technical staff will be there for you for years.

¨ Application ¨ Training ¨ Service ¨ Tooling

¨ Parts ¨ Automation ¨ Programming ¨ Customization

OmniTurns are used throughout the world in many industries

OmniTurn's advantages in Precision, production speed, setup quickness, small foot print, low cost, and great service have made it a popular name in a number of production specialties.

Screw machine shops: B&S - Swiss - Multi spindle: Used for both primary and secondary production. Also excels in short run prototype and repair work

Plastics: The GT-Jr's small footprint and open system makes it a natural. Production secondary work with simple automatic loaders and easy scrap removal has made this machine a standard with plastics companies.

Medical: Precision, speed of setup and the fastest single point threading.

Abrasive and destructive materials Green carbide, Glass, Rock, Ceramics, Graphite. Machining abrasive materials is tough on all machines. The OmniTurn has an advantage because it can be rebuilt in the field by the end user in less than a day without formal training at a very low price.

Heading houses Automation and speed make OmniTurns a natural here.

The OmniTurn is surprisingly tough for its size and weight. New users are constantly astonished at the rigidity of the system. Strength and stability was specifically designed into the system. Our detractors note the lack of mass and size. OmniTurn has proven that mass alone does not make a rigid system. In many of the applications we excel in, extra weight is a detraction.

The base is constructed as a single block. The headstock and linear ways are both mounted on the same billet. This single block construction lends tremendous strength and rigidity to the slide. Unlike others constructed using castings, our assembly has the linear ways fully supported by a base that does not change. OmniTurn uses a stable composite that does not change its shape over time and has excellent vibration deadening properties.

Precision ground ball screws, mounted with angular contact bearings, help achieve great precision.

Precision linear bearing ways allow fast positioning, greater rigidity and better finishes. The linear ways are fully supported, no bowing! The large separation between bearing blocks assures the best possible support for the cross slide and tooling plate.

Excellent thermal stability results in fantastic repeatability! The thermal coefficient of expansion of the base is much lower than cast iron. The OmniTurn does not "grow". Also it is not prone to the problem of "hot spots" that plague machines using polymer castings. The OmniTurn base Radiates whatever heat there is and will not bend or twist. Our customers are amazed at how the OmniTurn will hold a "tenth" all day, and then start up the next morning and have the first piece the same as the last one made the night before.

Servo motors are connected directly to the ball screws. No belts, pulleys, or gears are used for positioning. This results in the most accurate, fluid, trouble free system available. There are no components in the system to cause noise, vibration, or backlash.

Parallelism and linearity of the linear ways and ballscrews are key to building a system that will last. The linear ways are held in nests that are precision machined into the base. The linear ways and screws stay true! This greatly helps them maintain their precision and life expectancy. An extra benefit is easy service and repair years later. If a linear way or ball screw need replacement, it is easily done by untrained technicians. The replacement units just drop in place.

The spindle drive is designed for smooth operation, long life expectancy, and easy maintenance. The drive is simple and accessible. The belt length is kept short to minimize any vibration.

Excellent finishes with DC servo drives

Secondary operations can be profitable!

Secondary operations are a necessity for most turning applications. In the past your options were either large expensive CNC lathes or a series of simple manual operations. Now there is a machine that is designed especially for quick setups, short cycle times and extreme accuracy all day long. OmniTurns have the features you need for both simple and complex operations.

The nearly vertical tooling plate enables the operator to get close to the spindle for loading and maintaining the job.

The small footprint means you can put the GT's almost anywhere in the shop. They nest well when grouping multiple machines in a cell. One operator can run several machines at once.

With CNC control, all of your parts will be the same. Tooling life, finishes, and critical tolerances will no longer be dependant on the operator.

Work holding solutions are available for all types of applications, including dead length, expansion collets, chucks, and arbors.

Bar feeds and OmniTurns work great together!

Bar feeds are a natural compliment to OmniTurns. All types of bar feeds are interfaced with the GT's, from single tube pneumatic to magazine hydrodynamic types. End users consider their bar fed OmniTurns "screw machines". Many users are screw machine shops: Swiss type, Brown and Sharpe, even multi houses. We know that the OmniTurn will not completely replace each of the screw machine types mentioned above, however OmniTurns do complement them! The OmniTurn CNC has a number of advantages over conventional cam driven screw machines: No form tools • Fast single point threading • Better finishes • More exact sizes • Quicker change overs • Fast setups • NO CAMS.

With the OmniTurn's bar capacity at 1-1/16" the machine does not require the mass or size that larger CNC bar machines need. With the smaller size there are other benefits: The energy required to run the OmniTurn is a fraction of what other bigger lathes need. At a time when the cost of energy is rising so quickly, the cost of running the machines becomes important.

Portable CNC Lathes? YES!!!

Take advantage of the C axis spindle drive option OmniTurn offers. With gang tooling, live tools and extremely precise spindle positioning you can now finish the parts complete. The C axis is also helpful with loading part that are either not round or must be loaded into a fixture that requires special orientation. The OmniTurn C axis is half the cost of other C axis options. It gives the OmniTurn the most bang for the buck.

C axis spindle drive option:

OmniTurn offers a very competitive C axis option. Perform individual axis moves or combine all three. M function controlled outlets are also available. .01 degree resolution and repetition

4-1/2 hp

208-240V single or three phase

Spindle positioning adds a great deal of flexibility to the OmniTurn.

Cross drill Mill Slot

Face drill Helical mill Spindle orient for loading

Slotting saw in vertical holder

In line and cross drilling

Many different types of live tool options, available off the shelf.

Gang tooling is very adaptable to live tooling. The tooling is bolted directly to the tooling plate for more rigid support. The drive does not come from the center of the turret, each tool receives its own power directly. This greatly reduces their cost.

Electric spindles: Electric tools like NSK Astro-E series offer excellent precision characteristics. Speeds up to 60,000 rpm, Excellent concentricity and runout, wide selection of off the shelf collets and arbors

Pneumatic spindles: High RPM, up to 110 watts, Excellent concentricity and runout, wide selection of off the shelf collets and arbors, Low cost, and very small spindle sizes.

Flexible shaft drive: Very rugged, up to 1-1/3hp, 1,000 to 14,000 rpm, 3/8" max collet, built to take the tougher jobs.

Straddle milling in vertical holder

Tooling a Gang style lathe is different from turret machines. Over the years there have been many innovations for the turret type machine. Not until OmniTurn has there been a tooling system that has all the features:

¨ Rigid ¨ Compact

¨ Quick to change over ¨ Accepts live tooling

¨ Inexpensive ¨ Made in the USA.

At OmniTurn we have listened to the customer's suggestions and our line of tooling has evolved into the best available.

OmniTurn Fixed Holders

The simple fixed holders are some of our most popular items. Their simplicity and versatility makes them useful in most setups. The precision 5/8" or 3/4" bored and honed holes are great for holding most tooling that would normally be held in production turrets: drill bushings, tapping heads, broaching holders, turning tools, boring tools, and more. The holes on the multiple holders are spaced for maximum efficiency. They are far enough apart to for clearance from tool to tool and close enough for the fastest tool changes possible.

Patented Adjustable tool holders

The OmniTurn adjustable tool holders are a more flexible and diverse collection than the simple fixed holders. The adjustable holders are mounted on tool posts that can remain on the slide or removed as needed. The system is based on a patented dovetail clamp that firmly holds the tooling in place. The clamp is activated by a screw from above, so no space is lost on the tooling plate for clamping clearance. The

Fastest Change Overs: The 300 and 800 holders are available with a quick change feature. A pin is located on the bottom at the end of the bar. The pin banks against the end of the tooling plate. This creates a locaton to bank off when removing and replacing the holder. The control will store tool offsets with the program. This with the repeatable tooling enables change overs in minutes!

Tool Post-W

tool holders are independently height adjust
ble. Each holder has a screw with lock.
The holders can be removed and replaced
exactly. When used with live tooling this
feature makes setting up milling and slot
ing operations simple.


Cutting tools

Standard cutting tools will work with Gang tooled lathes. In many cases it is just a case of getting used to holding the inserts with round shank tooling. Over the years we have found or developed the tools that help make the jobs go easier and faster. OmniTurn can help you tool up your jobs with a 100% right to return any purchase. We want to make sure you have what you need.

• This spindle has a number of advantages over other lathe spindles.

• The 5C taper is ground into the spindle without an adapter. This enables runouts less than .000025".

• The class 9 spndle bearings are protected with a labyrinth seal and 15psi. positive air purge system.

• Self compensating preload on the spindle bearings allows trouble free operaton from 0 to 6000 rpm. The spindle runs smoothly at all speeds.

• The spindle is a cartridge allows for

Ameican Made Precision Spindle

Great chip and coolant control

The GT-75 and GT-Jr both have self contained chip and coolant systems. The chip bin sits atop the coolant tank. Chips fall directly into the chip pan and then drain into the tank. The system is simple and direct. Extra chip bins are available so you can remove the bin and allow the chips to drain. It is also great for having different chip bins for each of the materials you run. The chip bin and coolant tank are accessable from the front of the machine. You do not have to go around the back.

High flow and High pressure coolant sys

Gang tooling's advantages

• Quick change-overs: The tool holders are designed to be removed and replaced repeatably without effort.

• Inexpensive and simple: The tool holders are simple and rigid. This means that they are also priced fairly. You can even make your own if you want to.

• Rigid and stable: The tooling is bolted directly to the tooling plate, and the plate is mounted directly onto the cross linear ways. There is very little distance between the bearings and the cutter. This tooling sys

Quick change tooling

How do you measure the speed of a machine???

Don't take our word for it, compare your current CNC lathe with ours. To compare machine speed perform the following test. It will give you an idea of how much faster the OmniTurn is. Write a program that makes the lathe do a 1/2" box in rapid. The OmniTurn will do 30 cycles in 12.5 seconds. This relates directly to how many parts you can ship per day. Single point threading and peck drilling - much faster with OmniTurns. How long does it take your lathe to complete 30 cycles?

Short cycle example - See why the

OmniTurn is so fast

This example uses 3 simple operations. The times given for the OmniTurn are proven. The estimates for Brand X are from other machines. Compare your machine and see how it does.

The OmniTurn control has a plain appearance, but it is loaded with features designed to machine small parts quickly and efficiently, using inexpensive state of the hardware. Standard G code programming is used so experienced programmers will get the OmniTurn up and running in minutes. New users will find the interface simple and well laid out. Canned cycles for simple programming: Roughing cycles - Box, Box/Contour, and Contour. Drilling: direct and peck, Tapping cycles: normal and peck tapping, Tool nose radius comp, Work shifting, Constant surface feet, Threading cycles: taper, one pass, multi lead

Simple Jog Lever

16M hard drive

Tool path graphics

Spindle speed over ride

Hot keys for M functions

Floppy Drive


Sealed keyboard

Backup programs on disk

Excellent documentation

Bar feeds - The OmniTurn lathes are very profitable when teamed up with a bar feed. Run production work unattended. Many different types of feeds are available. From single tube pneumatic feeds to magazine hydrostatic. All can be easily interfaced. The GT-75 is equipped with an automated collet closer, the GT-Jr has it available as an option.

Work hold - In most turning applications the first issue is to hold the part. If you can hold it, you can machine it. OmniTurn has extensive experience in work holding and makes a large number of solutions available to our users.

5C expanding


EDM special


4" 3 jaw chucks

3" 2 jaw chuck

External holding

3" 2 jaw chuck

internal holding

Standard 5C


Tooling and tool holders: OmniTurn's commitment to its customers does not stop with the machine. We also offer a complete line of tool holders, tooling, and inserts. The OmniTurn does not require special or proprietary tooling, however we do offer tooling that we have found to have advantages for use with the gang tool system. Whether it is to save space or make change-overs quicker, OmniTurn has some great stuff. We have a 30 page tooling catalog and a well documented web site that offers assistance with specifying and ordering.

Vertical cut off: This option adds greatly to our machine. Cycle times are reduced by starting the cutoff before the other operations are done. Tooling plate space is also freed up for other operations. The vertical slide can also be used for cross drilling and other special applications.

Parts Conveyors: The parts conveyor can be used on both the GT-75 and GT-Jr. The continuously running belt removes only the parts from the work area and deposits them off the right end of the machine. Simple to setup and use, can be added to all existing machines.

Tail Stock: The OmniTurn is a gang tooled lathe. Tailstocks and gang tooled lathes normally do not mix. For custom applications we have designed a special unit that can be used to support long parts. These tail stocks can be pneumatically or manually activated.

Additional I/O: A number of M functions come standard with the 5HP and C axis spindle drives. However sometimes you need more for automation or additional live tools. OmniTurn offers easy addition and even easier creation of new M functions as needed. Even create simple canned cycles.

Rotary Dial Loaders

TF-1 Gantry Loader

Pick and Place Loaders

OmniTurn is more than just the machines and tooling. We support the entire system with a well trained staff and technical team. We offer complete services covering all aspects from the machine's purchase through service support years later. OmniTurn has technical centers across the country that can help deliver what has been promised.

Knowledgable sales staff:

OmniTurn trains all of its sales staff on the machine's use, its programming, applications, and service of the equipment. When you talk to a salesman from our company, you are talking to someone that can help you with all aspects. Talk to our sales personnel, let them show you how the OmniTurn can help you and your company. Show them your parts and prints, they can teach you how a gang tooled lathe can be more productive, more accurate, and less expensive than other style lathes.

By dealing with factory direct personnel you will never get caught in a problem between a dealer and the factory. When our sales people make commitments, they have the full support of the factory behind them. We will follow through!

Applications: Since gang tooled lathes are so different, we offer excellent help with extremely well trained applications assistance. You will get help from experts who have years of experience on the shop floor with screw machines and automation. Time studies, tooling layouts, tooling selections, methodization, work holding, material selections, coolant choices, and more are available. We will help make the OmniTurn look good so you look good.

Technical support: Having someone to talk to who knows the product is important. When you need technical support the last thing you want to hear is "I don't know" or "We don't make that component, try that vendor directly"! With OmniTurn you will get someone who is knowledgable and responsible for the entire machine. We are available from 7:30am EST to 5:30pm PST. Help for 3rd shift issues is available on request.

Documentation: procedures, parts lists, schematics, software upgrades, and trouble shooting guides are supplied with the machines and are available on line at

Training: Training is important. As technology changes your people are more competitive if they can stay up to date. Even though the OmniTurn is one of the simplest machines to set up and run there is always room for improvement. Whether it is in basic G code programming, work holding issues, tooling problems, or machining techniques there is always more to learn. OmniTurn offers a few different venues for this support:

Free training at our regional tech centers: We offer free basic training at our monthly scheduled classes on both the east and west coast. Here operators with little or no experience can get their first programming and setup experience under the guidance of a highly skilled instructor. Contact your salesman for class dates and availability.

Web site: Not all situations require personal training. Good documentation, worked examples, and simple video sessions are very helpful. OmniTurn's site is growing every day. Already there are lots of programming examples, procedure documents, and training exercises. Additional aids are being added all the time.

In house: When hands on training is needed, we can supply it at your facility. OmniTurn uses only our own factory applications engineers for training. We do not job it out to one time vendors. After the training is done, you will have access to the personnel that trained you. Long term relationships are built that will aid your company for years.

Documentation: Good documentation is not always a given. Other machine tool builders use the programming manuals supplied by the control builder. These manuals must take into account all the possible uses of the control and machine applications. In most cases the manuals are very large, complete, and not appropriate to the specific use of the machine in question. OmniTurn on the other hand has written manuals and documentation that is directed specifically towards their users! The manuals are simple with worked examples for all codes and functions. The OmniTurn Programming manuals are intended for those who do not have either basic machining or programming experience.

Parts lists and part continuity: When you get a new machine all is good. After a few years when it comes time to repair or replace a worn out item problems can arise. It is years later that this kind of documentation is important. At OmniTurn we have strived to make all the documentation available that you will need to support and maintain your machine. All OmniTurn machines have a detailed parts break down and parts complete with part numbers. OmniTurn stocks replacement parts for all machines. We have either the original part or an upgrade path with simple modifications that can be done in the field. We do not leave any of our products without access to replacement parts off the shelf.

Spindle drive - Standard

Nema 12 enclosure w/ disconnect and fuse protected

Spare M function M25

Rpm - 100 - 4000 standard

5000 optional

HP 5hp

Voltage 208 - 240V

Phase 1 or 3

Max cycles per minute 8 - approximately

Spindle drive - Short cycle

Nema 12 enclosure w/ disconnect and fuse protected

Spare M function M25

Rpm - 100 - 4000 standard

HP 2hp

Voltage 208 - 240V

Phase 1 or 3

Max cycles per minute 30

Spindle drive - C axis

Nema 12 enclosure w/ disconnect and fuse protected

Additional M functions M25, M17/M18, M21/M22,

M25/M26, M27/M28

3 Additional inputs

Rpm - 100 - 4000 standard

5000 optional

HP 4.5hp

Voltage 208 - 240V

Phase 1 or 3

Max cycles per minute 20

C axis resolution .01 degree

Additional I/O 4 out / 3 in

Optional Requirments

NSK Air tool 8CFM @ 80 psi

Parts conveyor 115V - 3 amps

Pneumatic bar feed 3 CFM @ 30 psi

Machine features

2 axis slide - Servo closed loop

American made cartridge spindle

Spindle purge

Steel base

Chip containment GT-75: Full enclosure

GT-Jr: Spindle chip guard

Removable chip bin

Coolant system - 12 gallon

High pressure coolant - Optional

Operator station with dual palm button cycle start

Collet closer GT-75: Pneumatic

GT-Jr: Manual lever - standard

GT-Jr: Pneumatic - optional

Work light GT-75: Standard

GT-Jr: Optional

Leveling feet

Manual and documentation

1 year warranty - single source - OmniTurn

Machine specifications

Travel in X 12"

Travel in Z 9"

Accuracy of slide .0001"

Repeatability .00005"

Slide base material Composite

Headstock Cast iron

Rapid Travel 300ipm / 600ipm effective

Tooling height 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" or 2"

Tooling plate Case hardened steel

Tooling plate size 14" x 6"

Axis motors Servo, 4000 count

Axis thrust 350# continous- 500# peak

Linear ways 20mm Recirc. quad ball.

Ball screws 5/8" x 5 tpi, precision ground

Spindle to floor height GT-75: 46" with feet

GT-Jr: 47" with feet

Machine weight GT-75: 1,600#

GT-Jr.: 1,450#


Collet taper 5C intergral

Spindle run out .000025"

Spindle nose OD 4 degree cam

Spindle bore 1.4"

Draw tube ID 1.1"

Collet capacity - Bar 1.062" round

.906" hex

.75" square

Collet capacity - step 5" round

Collet cap. dead length .75" bar

.875 chucking

Control Specificatons

Program storage 32,000 programs - aprox

Tool offset storage 32 per program

Tool offset groups unlimited

Servo update time .001 second

Servo loop gain 4"/minute/mV

Threading - Max lead 2" per revolution

Threading - Min. lead unlimited

Keyboard 101 key, Sealed

Axis motor thermal OL Standard

Axis motor diagnostics Standard

Network interface Ready for ethernet card

Power consmption 5KW

Country of Origin America

Control Features

Jog mode continuous 100 ipm to 1 ipm

Jog mode steps 1" to .00005" per select

Feedrate over ride 10% to 120%

RS-232 Standard

Floppy disk drive Standard

Single block mode Standard

Tool path graphics Standard

Text editor Standard

Cycle time estimater Standard

Search to line Sandard

Program checking Online and offline

M function keys 6 hot keys

Parts counter - Up Standard

Parts counter - Down Standard

Block deleate Standard

Secondary offsets Standard - 32 per tool

Nested looping Standard

Subroutines 10 - Standard

Conditional jump 1 - optional

End of bar interface Standard

Inch or Metric startup Standard

Password lock for edit Standard

G00/G01 Rapid/Feed

G02/G03 Arcs

G04 Dwell

G10 Work shift

G33/G34/G35 Threading

G40/G41/G42 TNR Comp.

G70/G71 Inch/metric

G72/G73 Diameter/radius

G74/G75/G78 Roughing cycles

G76/G77 Min/Max spinde speeds

G81/G83 Drilling cycles

G85 Peck tapping

G90/G91 Abs/Inc



M00/M01 Cycle stop

M02/M30 End of program

M03/M04/M05 Spindle controls

M08/M09 Coolant control

M12/M13 Collet controls

M19 Spindle orientation - opt.

M25 Parts catcher - opt.

M98/M99 Subroutine

X, Z Absolute locations

U,W Incremental locations

C Corner chamfering

R Corner radiusing

T Tool call

D secondary offsets

/ Block deleate

S Spindle speed

CI/CA Spindle inc./abs. move

F Feedrate

LS/LF Loop start/end

} Subroutine call

M17/M18/M21/M22/M25/M26 C axis drive only

System Requirements

Voltage 208 - 240V 1 or 3 phase

Current 15 amps - 3 phase

30 amps - 1 phase

Compressed air 3 CFM at 80 psi

Service access Front and left side

Floor space: