The OmniTurn control is FAST.
When users see the OmniTurn operate for the first time, they are struck with how fast the slide moves. Faster than most other systems quoting rapid travel rates that are much higher than the OmniTurns. At the end of the day the OmniTurn will make more parts. The OmniTurn control can get the slide up to rapid travel and back to stop faster than any other system on the market today.

Servo update time: This is the amount of time the control needs to determine if the axis are following the commands issued. The OmniTurn is one of the fastest on the market, > 1 millisecond.

Servo loop gain: This is the amount of push the control will call for if the slide is not where the control wants it. The OmniTurn calls for 4"/min/mv. This is much higher than most other controls at 1"/min/mv.

These factors make the system very responsive. With other systems, the control and slide have to slow down and stop at the end of each move. Even systems that quote very high rapid travel rates become very slow when they have to stop and start often. The shorter the moves required, the faster the OmniTurn seems to move. The OmniTurn excels with common cycles such as threading and peck drilling. So before you purchase a machine based purely on a single number like the rapid travel rate, find out how many parts per day the machine will produce.

Don't believe all the specifications you read claiming 1200"/minute.

The OmniTurn is faster than most other systems!