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Basic class outline

The basic training class is intended for students that have no CNC background. If you have a basic understanding of machining, that is enough. If you do not have any machining experience, it still pays to attend the class, however, you will need some additional training.

The first few hours are used to go over the basic G codes and how a program should be structured. These codes are used to program a simple part that uses a turning tool.

The class is taken from the class room and put in front of machines. Here the following is gone over:

  • Starting up the machine
  • Entering a program using the keyboard on the machine
  • Touching off a turning tool
  • Running a program
  • Adjusting a program and tool offsets

After the students are used to running the machine, it is back to the classroom for more G codes and machining operations. Thread and drilling operations are added to the program. Then it is back out to the machine to modify the setup and run a few more parts. This is done as many times as possible over the two days. The more programs and setups the students can perform over the two days the better. Over the two days, we hope to cover the following:

  • Turning
  • Threading
  • Drilling
  • Roughing cycles
  • Boring
  • Cutting off
  • C axis if required by the class

Any additional topics you would like covered can be requested in advance. We can let you know if we can fit them into the class. Customers are recommended to bring in their own parts to program for Tuesday night. The instructor can try to go over them for review Wednesday morning.

Customer parts and programs: The class is not a place to try to attempt a turnkey or to try and complete a customer program. If you have a part that you want to spend some additional time on, please contact us to arrange it. Most times of the year we can add a 3rd day to the class. There is a fee for the third day.

How to register:

Contact Barbara Errico @ (631) 694-9400 for details.

On Site Training:

If you would like training done at your company, it is available. We would like to note that in many cases, training on site does not always work. There are many distractions that make learning difficult. If you want on site training, we suggest that you set the stage for a successful class.

  • Advise the teacher of the company's daily schedule.
  • Set aside a class room, conference room, or some place quite that can be used for teaching.
  • Please don't have us work with your part program for training. Let us train you first, then tackle your part.
  • Let the rest of the company know what is going on. Don't create distractions for the students. Do not pull a student away from class.

Additional classes

We do offer additional classes. They are given on request. Please contact us for pricing and availability:

  • Service and maintenance
  • Advanced programming issues
  • Updating your system and taking advantage of new features
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