Adjusting AMC Servo Amps

Initial Settings:

    Loop Gain-------Fully CW
    Current Limit----Fully CW
    Ref. Gain--------Do not adjust yet
    Test/Offset------Do not adjust yet

Adjustments with servos off

Before turning servos on, connect a Digital Volt Meter to pins 4 & 5 on the brown connector of the Amp. Set the Motion Card offset voltage to 0V (+-.005V) using the balance pots on the side of the MC2 Card (from left to right, X-Balance Pot, Z-Balance Pot ). See photos below for location of pots on MC2 card.

G2 style control
G3 style control

Turn Servos On

  • Loop Gain: Slowly turn Loop Gain CCW until you here the motor stops to hum, 1 Full turn more CCW
  • Press the CTRL key and the letter E at the same time (this will bring up the servo count display window)
  • Put Jog control at Med. Speed (#2 Jog)
  • Test/Offset: Set for 0 counts while axis is standing still
  • Ref In Gain: Jog machine at Med speed (#2 Jog) and set Ref Gain for a count of 100
  • Loop Gain: Slowly turn Loop Gain CW until you here the motor start to hum, then turn the pot CCW until the humming stops, and then 1 Full turn CCW