OmniTurn Technical Support - 1/15/00

Hard disk installation material needed:

Phillips screw driver
Hard disk kit from OmniTurn including:
Sandisk flash memory solid state hard disk
Adapter connector for Sandisk to IDE connection on mother board
Adapter connector for Sandisk to computer power supply
Installation floppy disk

1. Take the control off the machine and put it on a bench. Please have this area clean and static free. If you do not know how to assure no problems from static charges, contact your factory representative.

2 Remove the computer from the control:

Old style computers: This is the type where the computer sits in a compartment in the lower half of the control. The computer can be pulled out easily. Controls with no serial # or ones with nnnnA, nnnnG, and nnnnG2. To take the computer out of the control first remove the keyboard assembly from the face. If there is a problem with doing this, contact the factory.

New style controls: This is the type where in order to get to the motherboard, you must take the control apart and the motherboard is attached directly to the sheetmetal of the control. S/Ns have nnnnG3n. Split the control in half so you can work on the lower section. If there is a problem with doing this, contact the factory.

3. Attach the hard disk

Old style computers: Use two strips of Velcro tape and mount the disk as shown in fig 1.a

New style computers: Use two strips of Velcro tape and mount the disk as shown in fig 1.b

OmniTurn Technical Support

4. Connect the cable adapter as shown in fig 2.

Note: There are 4 pins on the hard disk not connected. Note the


Note: The orientation of the power supply cable (two wire cable

with white connector). In this photo, the red wire is close to you.

Fig 2

5 Connect the ribbon cable (red side pin 1) as shown in Fig 3

Note: The red side goes opposite to the power connection cable.

Fig 3

6. Connect the power supply cable to a spare connector on the

computer power supply. Fig 4.

7. Attach the hard disk to the top of the floppy disk cover Fig 4

and reassemble the control - Fig 4



Hard disk installation

OmniTurn Technical Support

8. Install the cable between the hard disk and the computer:

Old style control - The cable plugs into a card mounted horizontally to the vertical bus card. The card is located as shown in fig. 8.

Note: You might have to pull the card out of the control to get at the socket. To get pull the card out you may have to pull out the power supply. This is not difficult, just don't lose the screws.

The card looks like fig 6. The hard disk cable goes onto the socket on the edge of the card.

The socket has a 1/2 marked at the end of the pins. Make sure the Red side of the cable goes here.

Fig 5
Fig 6

OmniTurn Technical Support

Installing the cable on new controls:

The cable goes directly to the motherboard. See Fig 9

The socket is marked IDE 1 and is keyed so you can only plug the cable in one way. Fig 9

Put the control back on the machine and make all connections

9. Turn the control on and quickly press the DEL key. This will bring the control to the CMOS setup page.

10. Use the arrow keys to go down to the "AUTODETECT HARD DISK", or it can also be called "IDE HDD AUTO DETECTION" and press enter.

Chose option 1 or Normal mode for the hard disk and press enter to accept. The AUTODETECT utility may try to detect the primary slave, also the secondary master and slave drives, if so hit the ESC key for each of these choices.

11. Go to the ADVANCED CMOS setup, or can also be called "BIOS FEATURE SETUP" and press enter. Here go to the boot sequence and change the boot from A:,C: to C:,A:. To change the selection use the PG/UP key. Then press enter.

12. Press the F10 key and enter the Y to save the changes. The computer will reboot.

13. the OmniTurn factory setup menu will appear. Choices 4 through 9 are used to configure the disk to your machine. Choose one and press enter.

Fig 8
Fig 9