OmniTurn GT75 & GTJr


NOTE: Preventive maintenance reminders will periodically appear on the control monitor to prompt the operator of various lubrication requirements. The schedule below lists these requirements in greater detail.

1. Check air pressure (30 - 90 psi).

2. Check collet closer lubricator (mounted on bulkhead in spindle motor compartment). With spindle running observe the sight glass for oil flow. If necessary, adjust oil flow to one drop per 30 seconds.

3. Remove any heavy chip build up from guards and way covers.


1. Check collet closer lubricator oil level. Use Mobile Light DTE oil or equivalent.

2. Check air regulator/filter

  • Drain main regulator bowl (loosen plug CW)
  • Drain coalescing filter bowl (loosen plug CW)

1. Examine main regulator element; replace with Watts EKF31 if it shows serious contamination.

2. Examine coalescing filter element; replace with Watts EK5O4VY if it looks oil-coated.

EVERY FOUR TO SIX MONTHS (Water-Based Coolant)

Lubricate the ways and ball screws.

NOTE: If CUTTING OIL is used, no lubrication is necessary, ever.

The linear guide manufacturer recommends charging the bearing blocks with lithium grease every 4,000,000 inches of travel. On the Z-axis, this is about 96,000 parts with two inches of thread done in 8 passes.

There is a zerk fitting on each of the eight bearing blocks. Three pieces of sheet metal and the accordion bellows must be removed to access the fittings and ball screws. The accordion bellows is removed by lifting each end off its holder, exposing the spindle-end Z-axis fittings. The other Z-axis fittings are exposed by removing the wide piece of sheet metal with the X-axis scale affixed. Two short screws, accessible from the Z-motor side hold this in place. The X-axis covers are held in place by four long all-thread rods and acorn nuts, two on each end of the tooling plate.

With the sheet metal removed, thoroughly grease each bearing block with lithium grease.

Grease Guns Kits are available at Richlin Machinery (p/n ggk). Grease cartridges are also available (p/n ggg). The ballscrews should be lubricated with a drizzle of Slick-50 over the entire exposed length.