April 23, 1997


Set the disconnect on spindle drive box to OFF, then open the box. Install the parameter unit, then power up Omni Turn and turn on 220. Home the slide and go to MDI mode on the CNC Control. Set Spindle AUTO/OFF switch to OFF.

Clear the parameters on the inverter (Refer to page 37, Mitsu Manual):

1. Press the [PU OP] key to enable Parameter Unit Operation.
2. Press the [SET] key: P. should appear in the display unit, waiting for you to input the parameter number.
3. Press 998 using the number keys: P. 998 should appear in the display unit.
4. Press the [READ] key: ALLC should appear in the display unit.
5. Press the [WRITE] key: ALLC in the display should blink on and off.

The parameters, which we set at the factory, are as follows:

73=1 72=10 7=2.0
8=2.0 38=120 80=3.7

Special calibration parameters
902=0 at S0 903= 120 at S4000

These are set as follows (see page 35):

For number 73, above, press [PU OP] to illuminate PU lamp. Press [SET], then type 73, then press [READ] (should display 0, which is Mitsubishi default). Type 1, then press
[WRITE]. Repeat the sequence for the first seven parameters.

For parameters 902, press [EXT OP], then insure that AUTO/OFF switch on CNC is
OFF, then issue M03S0 (press Rtrn, then Cycle Start). Set 902 to 0, then issue S4000 at CNC and set 903 to 120.

Test the operation by entering MDI mode on the Omni Turn CNC, then executing M03 and various S values, then M04 and various S values, etc. Don't expect smooth operation at speeds below S200. The unit should reverse smoothly at any speed, and stop (M05) from any speed.