OmniTurn PM Checklist


q    Remove Sheet metal and Brush chips away.

q    Check all hardware, screws, etc. for tightness.

q    Visually inspect slides and ball trucks

q    Visually inspect ball screw couplings and thrust bearings.

q    Grease ball trucks.

q    Check servo motor-mounting bolts.

q    Check accordion way cover or rubber skirt

q    Check backlash in each axis with an indicator

q    On GT check the X axis brake bumper



q    Check all axis control cables
q    Backup user programs and store in office
q    Open cover and inspect for loose wires and ribbon cables.
q    Make sure computer cards are seated properly.
q    Clean screen and make monitor adjustments if necessary.
q    Check CTRL-E for balance and following error

Spindle Motor and Spindle Encoder

q    Inspect and clean motor.

q    Check belts and spindle encoder pulleys

q    Check for loose hardware.

q    Inspect collet closer and lube system.                     


q    Check oil drip for collet closer                    

q    Drain FRL and check filter                    

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