Pneumatic Bar Feed Installation

1 .When installing a TripleAir, Vanco or similar bar feed it is extremely important to mount the first stanchion as close to the electrical cabinet as possible. I try to keep it within 12 to 14 inches from door.

2. The rear stanchion should be mounted about 18 to 24 inches from the read of bar feed tube on a 6 ft unit about 36 inches on a 12 ft unit.

3.Remove the rear cap on the bar feed tube and the plunger. Tape a string, usually weed whacker cord to a piece of stock that will extend though the tube and continue through the spindle. Remove the string from the rod and slip through a 3/32 collet and tie a knot.

4.Remove the ‘A” fitting from the rear cap and insert a pipe plug that has a 3/32” hole drilled in the center.

5. Insert cord through pipe plug and pull cord tight and tie off. Level and adjust bar feed tube.

6. Line up bar feed so cord is centered both in the center of the collet closer drawtube and the front opening of the bar feed tube.

7.. Check dimensions before anchoring down stanchions. Then anchor stanchions checking the centerline of the string as you go.

8. If everything looks good then anchor machine feet to floor. Adjust machine with a Johnson bar or similar lever if not centered.

9. Check all floor anchors, and lock down all hardware on bar feed then test run with a ¾” 6ft long bar at 500 rpm. Increase speed gradually and check bar feed for excessive vibration.

10. The use of spindle liner tubes, and reduction tubes in the bar feed will greatly reduce vibration that will cause bad finishes and other problems.