Setting NOTEPAD as your offline OmniTurn editor

To write programs on their offline computer in NotePad the extention normally added .txt must be turned off. The file should have no extention. Here are the instructions to configure your computer to do this.

First open My Computer

Windows 98: Choose View , then drop down to Folder Options.

Windows 95: Choose View, then Options.

Select the New Type button
1. Enter OmniTurn Program as the Description of type

2. Enter a "." as the associated extension. The OmniTurn does not want to see an extention. So a "." only will get it done.

3. Click the New button

4. Enter EDIT as the Action

5. Enter NotePad.exe as the application used to perform action

6. Press OK button

7. Close Add New File Type box
8. Note that there is a new registered file type. Now when you try to open a file that does not have any extention, it will open with NotePad. If you have a sense of adventure, you can edit the type and add an icon. If not, just use the windows flag that the system associated with the file type for you.

9. Close Options window and Explorer