Adjusting the height of center on OmniTurn attachments
Before you make any measurements, be sure the slide is mounted to the Hardinge without any dirt, burrs, or assorted stuff under the slide.

Removing the tooling plate from the slide:

  • Take the sheet metal off the tooling plate.
  • Take the tooling plate off the linear ways. There are 4 sets of 4 screws for the bearing blocks and 1 set of 4 screws for the ball screw nut housing. Note that the screws for linear ways and ball screw bolts are different lengths!!!!!!!
  • The tooling plate is pinned to the ballscrew nut housing. When you lift the tooling plate off carefully, separate the plate from the housing.
If the tooling plate is too high:

Surface grind the top of the tooling plate down to the correct height.

If the tooling plate is too low:

Shim the plate up at the 5 points shown below

Putting the tooling plate back on:

The most important part is to make sure all surfaces are clean. Then the plate just goes back in place and gets screwed down. Be sure to use the 4 shorter screws in the nut housing. Do not tighten the 4 sets of screw to the bearing blocks until the plate has been indicated square to the face of the spindle. To do this, mount an indicator in the spindle or on the head stock. Bank the indicator against the face of the slide. Travel the slide back and forth in X and tap the tooling plate until the indicator does not move. Then finish tightening down the bolts to the bearing blocks.