Mother board fatal error - Beeps on startup

Problems with your system board can be caused by something as minor as a bad connector or as major as a damaged chip. The information in this section is designed to help you find out problems if the system board is not operating properly.

Each time the system is powered on, the Power-On Self Test (POST) diagnostic routine determined if any error occurs. Errors are communicated during system boot-up as either a series of beeps or as messages that appear on the screen.

Fatal errors do not allow the system to complete boot-up, and are usually signalled as a series of beeps. Non fatal errors allow boot-up to continue and result in error messages on the screen.

No. of beeps
Error Message
1 Refresh failure
2 Parity error
3 Base 64 K memory failure
4 timer not optional
5 Processor error
6 8042 A20 failure
7 Processor exception interrupt error
8 Display memory read / write error
9 ROM checksum error
10 CMOS shutdown register read/write error