Automatic Chucks

Collets have limitations with workholding that can be overcome with the right type of chuck. Here we are offering a few different styles of chucks that broaden your OmniTurn's usefulness.

Automation of the chuck:
These three chucks all rely on a draw tube actuator. With the OmniTurn, we use a pneumatic draw tube. The pneumatics and controls do not change when using the automatic chuck. M12 and M13 still close and open the chuck from the program. The operator station buttons also work the same way. These chucks are easily integrated with automatic loaders. With the GT-Jr and with Hardinge attachments, a pneumatic draw tube type collet closer is required to operate the chuck.

Chuck advantages:
Part variations don't affect a chuck like a collet. A collet does not like part variations of more than a few thousandths. If the holding diameter is over or under size, the collet will not hold the part firmly, if at all. The chuck jaws move perpendicularly to the workpiece. The part can vary greatly and the chucking will still work.

Hold dead lengths in Z even if the holding diameter varies, unlike a collet that must move in Z to close the chuck jaws closer parallel to one another. If the holding diameter of a part varies by .004" in a collet, the Z location will vary .012". With the chuck, there will be no change in the part location.

Large jaw stroke makes loading easier: Great for automation. The jaws open so much that it is possible to load part with larger diameters and bury them behind the jaws.

Huge holding force: With the pneumatic collet closer yielding a pulling force of 1,400# at 80psi, the chucks can grip with over 5,000#. This is easily regulated with the pneumatics.

Machinable jaws make difficult work holding applications easier to set up. By being able to machine the jaws, you can now hold parts that are not round, require side loading, or have to be machined eccentric.

The maximum RPM ratings shown are not possible with all spindle nose configurations and spindle drive types. If you require higher RPMs, please contact the factory for application assistance. If you intend to do short cycle work, also please contact the factory before purchasing.

3" diameter, 2 jaw, blind
4" diameter, 3 jaw, blind
4-1/2" diameter, 3 jaw, 1" thru
4" pneumatic, blind