Accumulative Software Update for G4 Control

Covering more than just a bug fix

Secondary offsets corrected.

Description: Description:

User program can have .nc, .cnc, .txt or no extension.

Parts counter not clearing when turned off.

Pressing escape when waiting for waiton / waitoff m/function statements drop to single block mode.

Glitchy c-axis motion with multiple tool changes in c-axis mode.

Alt-I in jog mode to display all input status.

Parts counter requires control (Ctrl key) when door is open.

Coolant key works in cycle or not.

Plain switching in CZ.

M84 to disable feedrate and spindle override.  M85 to enable.



G4 software update procedure

Getting your Windows machine ready:
You need to install the USB format tool on your Windows machine. This is a one-time event. Download this file: 

Double-click on the file SP27608.exe. This is the installer for the HP USB formatting utility. Follow the instructions to install the program. Once it is installed, it will put an icon on your desktop called "HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool". Insert your new USB stick (2GB max) into your Windows computer.

Prepping the USB stick:
Double-click on the icon for the format tool and the tool will start. Make sure the file system is set to FAT (not FAT32), and click the "Quick format" box, then click Start and your USB stick will be formatted.

Make a complete backup of your hard drive
Boot your control with the stick installed.
When the Jog screen comes up, you will be seeing the "Polling controller" message. Press Esc to get to the DOS prompt.
The DOS prompt will be K:\CNC.
Type C: and Enter. The prompt should now say C:\RUNFILES.
Type CD\ and Enter. The prompt should now say C:\
Type MAKEHD and Enter. You will be warned that the USB stick is about to be re-formatted. Say Y to the prompt, and the stick will be formatted, then press Enter to skip labeling the volume, and the USB stick will be cloned from the internal hard drive.

After you've cloned the stick, you'll need to update it:


If your G4 control's USB stick has a folder named CURRENT, empty it and
copy CURRENT.EXE to it.
If there is no such folder, create one and copy CURRENT.EXE to it.
Boot your control with the USB stick installed,
and go to Automatic mode
with any program active.
Go to the editor, and when the program is displayed in the editor, press
F1 to go to the editor help screen, then F4 to go to the DOS prompt.
At the DOS prompt, type D: to log on to the USB stick. At the D: prompt,
type CD\CURRENT and Enter to get to the CURRENT folder.
At the D:\CURRENT prompt, type CURRENT and Enter to run CURRENT.EXE. The
program will run, extracting the update files.
Type UPDATER and Enter to install the update files.
When the update is complete, as indicated by the return of the
D:\CURRENT prompt, reboot the control.

A revision history file is included in the CURRENT.EXE archive, and is
also available separately at:

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