Restoring hard drive on G4 control

Turn on your control with the USB stick installed and go into CMOS setup by pressing Del on startup. You need to start tapping on the Del key when you see the EPIA logo screen. In the CMOS screen, use the down arrow to highlight "Advanced BIOS Settings" and press Enter. On the advanced page, arrow down to the "Boot priority" item and press Enter. You'll now see a list of boot devices. Arrow down to "USB-HDD0" and press the PgUp (Coolant) key to move the USB drive to the top of the list. Press the F10 key to save the changes and exit from the setup screen.

When the control gets to the OmniTurn logo screen, press Ctrl-C to drop to the DOS prompt, which will be K:\CNC>. Type
C: and Enter to switch to the C: drive, and then CD\ and Enter to switch to the root directory. The C: drive is always the one you booted on, and if the CMOS settings are correct, it is the USB stick. Verify this by typing DIR and Enter. The remaining space on the drive should be over 1.9 gigabytes (a 10-digit number) and if the boot drive is the internal hard drive it will be in the range of 20 to 125 megabytes (8 or 9 digits).

It's important to be sure that the boot drive is in fact the USB stick, because we are about to clone the boot drive, and the USB stick is what we want to be the source. So now that we've verified that the USB stick is in fact the boot drive, type
MAKEHD and Enter. The USB stick will clone itself to the internal hard drive.