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Omniturn-Troubleshooting "Polling Controller" message:

This message comes up when the motherboard is unable to establish communication with the 5axmc card. It indicates a problem with the computer power supply, the motherboard's ethernet port, the ethernet cable,the 5axmc card,or the CPU module on the 5axmc.

The computer communicates with the motion card via an ethernet cable.

The ethernet cable plugs into a small module mounted to the motion card, which is the vertically oriented card located about 6 inches behind the monitor. On the back of the monitor is a loopback connector (labelled a "SuperLooper") that mates with the ethernet cable or port. If you are consistently getting the "Polling controller" message, turn the control off and unplug the ethernet module from the motion card, leaving the ethernet cable plugged in to the module. Once the module is unplugged, unplug the cable from the module. The locking tab which holds the cable connector into the module must be pressed flat against the body of the cable connector. Use a flat screwdriver or some similar tool to press the tab against the connector body. If it isn't pressed down hard it won't release, and you might damage the connector housing on the module when you pull the cable out.

Once the cable is disconnected, plug the free end of the cable into the loopback connector and plug the module back in to the motion card.

Be sure that all of the module's pins are in the socket on the motion card. Turn the control back on. It will probably take longer than normal to boot, and you will most likely see a message from the ethernet software driver detailing port speed and media type, etc. After you see the "Back up files" prompt, the jog screen will come up. With some of the motherboards we've used, it will come up with the "Polling Controller" message the first time it's booted with the loopback connector installed even if the port is working OK, so if you get the message the first time it's booted, shut it off and boot it up again. If you continue to get the message after booting twice, either the computer or the ethernet cable is faulty. To test this, you'll need to remove the control's front panel, which is held on by 2 screws on each side. Unplug the control's AC power cord before doing this.

Unplug the ethernet cable from the computer (again being careful to fully depress the locking tab), and plug the loopback connector directly into the computer's port. Put the front panel back on, plug the power in and power the control up again. Again, depending on the motherboard version, you may need to boot twice to clear the "Polling controller" message. If it still does not clear the message after booting twice, there is a problem in the computer.

The problem will be either in the motherboard or the power supply. To check the power supply, you will need to pull the computer out of its compartment behind the keyboard. There is a 2-wire cable that connects to the right rear corner of the motherboard and is secured with tape. Be sure you note the orientation of the connector before you unplug it.

There is another 2-wire cable that connects to one of the power supply connectors on the left side of the computer. Once these two connectors are unplugged and the video and power cables are unplugged, you can slide the computer out of the control. You'll need to plug an ordinary computer power cord into the power supply and plug it into an AC outlet.

Once it's plugged in, you'll need to check the Standby 5 volt power supply. This is located on the 20-pin white nylon connector on the motherboard. There should be between 4.5 and 5.5 volts DC measured from the purple wire near one end of the connector to any of the black wires.

If this voltage is good, the motherboard needs to be replaced.

If the computer consistently boots up without the "Polling controller" message when the loopback connector is installed, the problem is in the motion control card or in the ethernet module. These parts are treated as a unit, so they will both need to be replaced.

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