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Course pitch threading

Blanked on a Brownie, threaded on an Omni in under 22 sec.

Collection of small parts

Small parts - neat stuff

Broached Brass Collar

Two small broached holes on face edge

Angle Broaching

A formed shape "shave" broached at a 45 degree angle

Wobble Broach Torx


Milled example

The non round shape is milled with combined X and C moves.

Simple gear from extruded stock


C axis milling

The radiused corners are milled with combined X and C moves

Brass part with many operations

This part has "everything". Knurling, thread ID, Groove, Live tool 3 holes in face

Wood Knob - 3" diameter

Even wood can be machined on the OmniTurn.

Tool Steel ball generated

Two tools are used to generate this ball

Steel cup with live tooling

Drop this part off complete, live tooling, turn OD and ID, ID has a sholder

316 stainless steel screw
This part is done in one operation, first the thread is cut with the rest of the material left in place, then the rest is removed and the part is cut off.
Steel cup with ID and OD being turned in one setup. Automatically loaded.
Brass and Silver "cosmetic" detail
This part is done in two operations, turn , drill, tap, mill stem end.
Then finish the radius end with PCD tooling yields 16 finish
Brass "cosmetic" detail

This part is made complete from bar stock, with PCD tooling yields 16 finish on OD

Brakeoff nut with face knurl

Simple part that is not so simple. Drill, tap, groove, face knurl and cutoff.

Course pitch internal thread

The OmniTurn outperfomed other CNC's by over 2 to 1 in production

C axis used to mill cam around OD

In a mild steel is a cam milled around the OD. Used a Suhner Minifix at 4000rpm. Also drilled, turned, and threaded

750 grain precision round

Finish, size, and accuracy are important. This end user found that he was able to maintain down too.02 grain variances

A2 steel - turned and drilled

Turn tough steels and get great finishes.

Brass slotted example

A simple slotted example showing drilling, turning, threading, and slotting. Total time 25 seconds

A course pitch thread

This thread does not have an undercut to start in on either side. The tool feeds in and out on each end.

Brass fitting - complete 30 seconds

Demo for IMTS-2002 in brass. Center drill, peck drill, knurl, back thread, turn fitting barbs and cut off in under 30 seconds.

Show demo from EASTEC 2002

This sample part, a pill case for your key ring is made from a single program and one setup.

A course pitch thread

This thread does not have an undercut to start in on either side. The tool feeds in and out on each end.

C Axis milling on bar feed part

This ring was made out of bar stock with a C axis live tool milling each face groove

C Axis milling of slot - 2nd operation

This brass part drops off a multi without the milled groove around the OD. Omniturn with the C axis and a milling spindle completed the part in 8 seconds.

Complex C axis work in stainless

This part falls off complete with 2 live tooling operations, turning and threading

Small slot car wheels

Aluminum wheels with many variations.

2 complex parts with C axis operations

Both parts drop off the machine complete. Both have C axis operations.

Barfeed part done in one setup

This part is done from the bar in one setup. Both threads and the knurl .

Nozzle with angled holes

The 6 holes drilled in the face of this part are at an angle. A live drilling spindle mounted on the tooling plate at an angle was used with X and Z combined moves

Course pitch groove with cross holes


Brass coarse thread with live tool hole

This part has s coarse pitch thread that is oriented with a cross hole. With the C axis it was easy to coordinate the two features.

Connector part

This part was made by first by using the C axis to hollow mill the three lugs on the OD. The left over material was then broached off

Threaded part around a radius to a straight turn.

Using the P command with arc and linear moves it is possible to thread around corners. Multiple angle threads are also possible.

Knurled and threaded steel

This part was made on a GT-75 with a magazine bar feed. The OmniTurn out produced the customers other CNC lathe by quite a lot. The threading was done with a die head for speed.

Rings and bands

The OmniTurn is used around the world for turning all types of rings and bands. Many of our customers also use the C axis for chanelling and settings.

Glass filled plastic

This part was made complete off a solid bar. The live tool cross drilling was done with a Foredom. On end is threaded on the ID. A back bore is done through the part.

Titanium secondary

The blank is made on a larger CNC. The OmniTurn does a secondary for the OD thread and a back bore.

Cross tapping and off center drilling

OmniTurn has a simple cross tapping unit. Here is an example with two 2-56 tapped holes in alluminum.

Body art

Here is a small selection of some of the body art done on OmniTurn. The drilling and tapping of the balls is done with simple automatic loaders and sensitive tapping heads. There is nothing that beats the speed and sensitivity of the OmniTurn for this application!

Offcenter Secondaries

This part is held in a 2 jaw chuck off center to drill and single point thread one hole. The second hole is done with a Suhner live spindle and form tool.

Copper part with slots

Done complete from solid bar stock.

Generating excellent finished in steel
Watch case front and back

A number of watch case companies have used the OmniTurn for producing the "snap" fit back and seat for bezel

High quantity secondaries for the fastener industry

Here is an example where a form tool is used to finish both sides of the large diameter and complete both grooves. The operations are all done with one tool. The material was 1018.

Face drilling with the C axis

A single live tool is used to complete this part.

J slots in steel

This part is done complete from bar stock, drilling, knurling, and slotting.

Steel tube with ramp

Complete from bar.

C axis ramp in brass

This part is made complete from bar. The ramp is generated with the C axis.

Made from rock

This material is used for insulation. It is extremely abrasive. The end users is very pleased that he can "rebuild" the slide with new ways and ball screws when needed inexpensively.

Brass parts from bar work

There is more to this part than can be seen. On the small stem in the bore there is an undercut that is done with a small hook tool.

Simple brass parts

The size is what makes this interresting. Small parts, small drills. Fast cycle time!

Die cast secondaries

High volume secondaries for die cast parts is common. Here we are single point threading the OD as well as doing ID and OD turning.

CNC turning with C axis has shorter setup time

This part is made from a tube of brass. There are 4 sets of holes, one of them is different. Two live tools are used to do the holes. On the end with a radius we shape the tube with a forming operation.

Complete C axis setup drops complete part

This part is dropped off complete. There is a drilled hole on the end not seen. Therefore the threaded end is done on the "back" side. Cross drilling and knurling complete this difficult setup.

Bearing races

The race on the face is generated with a smaller radius tool.

Hard turning of headed part

The radius is the only feature machined by the OmniTurn. It is in the 50's on the C scale. This setup included an automatic loader.

Steel tube with slot milled on end

This part is made complete from the bar. The slot is milled and then the ID and OD are turned, then a re-slot to de-burr.

Headed blank, radius generated in one pass with carbide tool

This part is in 1018. The radius is generated in one pass in under 3 seconds.


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