OmniTurn Parts

Additional Components

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Axis scales

992-04-002 Z axis scale

392-04-001 X axis scale

Z axis way cover Attachments

392-11-001 5” travel

392-11-002 8” travel

Bellows cover
GT-75 and GT-Jr


Grease gun kit


Vanco and TripleAir
Piston seal for 1-1/16 pusher

Sold in lots of (6)

Vanco and TripleAir
Piston assembly for 1-1/16" bar feeds
Spindle drive inverters
GPD 315 -
will handle up to 5hp


Braking resistors

Heavy duty


Coolant pump and flange

Pump only


Amp Pins and Sockets
Collet closed confirmation switch kit
Amp Pin extractor