The new TF-1 automatic loader, introduced at the IMTS-2000 show.

Designed for the high volume fastener and screw machine industries.

The advantages of this loader are:

¨ Universal infeed track is setup for parts that can be hung from their heads. The track is adjustable for the width, no modifications need to be made. The escapement rocker is setup to accept replacement inserts that are machined for the part to be fed. The inserts are easy to machine, change overs are simple.

Universal gripper system.. The gripper’s fingers are easily changed for part diameter variations.

Gripper rotation. The gripper head can be rotated for initial part orientation or reversal during machining operations.

Programmable crosswise motion. The ability to program the side to side motion of the loader makes it very fast for setups and more flexible for different operations. Parts can be put into a chuck from the side, or into a collet from the face. Change overs from chuck to collet do not require changing the location of the loader!

Independant control of the loader enables the machine to cut a part while the loader prepares itself for the next cycle, no lost time.

The loader is manufactured from simple, off the shelf components. Future support and maintinance will be simple.

Vibratory bowl ready. The infeed track is ready for additional automation. If you do not have a bowl, we offer turnkey setups.