Common mistakes made by FANUC programmers
When programming an OmniTurn control

1. OmniTurn programs do not use program numbers. (Single line numbers used during program fine tuning and for searching have been used successfully, but remove them before production)

2. The letter ‘O’ is only used in comments and optionally in threading.

3. The end of line requires no character on OmniTurn. Do not put in a G50.

4. No character is allowed anywhere except numbers, letters, periods, minus signs or block delete (/).

5. In comments, use only numbers, letters and spaces. Do not use / , ! @ # $ % ^ & * :

6. Don’t leave blank lines anywhere.

7. Comments should be contained only on lines with other code, not by themselves.
Do not put a short story before the program

8. Tool calls are strictly numbers from 1 to 32, such as T3 or T12. Tool numbers do not represent a position, rather an offset number only.

9. G and M codes require two digits such as M01 or G02, not M1 or G2.

10. If decimal points are left out, numbers are treated as whole units. For example, a feed rate of F1 equals 1 IPM or 1 IPR. A decimal point is never assumed.

11. OmniTurn controls default to IPM feed rates. Always use a G95 to change to IPR feeds on, or just prior to, first feeding motion.

12. The first line of all programs should be


12. Multiple ‘M’ codes are never allowed on 1 line. M functions must be on their own line of code.

Fanuc style
OmniTurn Style
T3 S2000 M08 M25 M13 T3 S2000