Adjusting OmniTurn Servo Amps
(See Video:  Balancing OmniTurn gold amplifiers in G35 and older controls)

Why to balance an amp: If the machine is having problems with motion. Such as overshooting, bad arcs, bad finishes, axis shutting down for no reason.

Why not to balance an amp: The amp is not responsible for maintaining location. If the slide is not repeating start with tests relating to location such as Ctrl-H and Ctrl-C.

Before balancing the amps perform the Ctrl-E test. This will tell if the amp needs to be balanced - See Below.

When replacing an MC2 card or 12V power supply it is necessary to rebalance the MC2 card first, then the amps. If the MC2 card is out of balance you will will not be able to use the BALANCE pot on the amp to bring the at rest number to 0.

The act of balancing an amp is just that: BALANCING. The amp is in a loop with its motor. If you understand what is going on, then the balancing of the amp should be easier and we won’t get back so many good amps tagged NG.

Adjustments with servos off

Before turning servos on, connect a Digital Volt Meter to pins X axis (4 -black & 5 -brown ) or Z axis (4-Blue & 5-Green) on the brown connector of the Amp. Set the Motion Card offset voltage to 0V (+-.002V) using the balance pots on the side of the MC2 Card (from left to right, X-Balance Pot, Z-Balance Pot ). See photos below for location of pots on MC2 card (from left to right, X-Balance Pot, Z-Balance Pot ). See photos below for location of pots on MC2 card.

Tuning OmniTurn Gold Amps

Tuning Amps:
In the jog mode. Press Ctrl and E.
Turn the balance pot so that both the x and z numbers are close to 0 (within one or 2).

Press 2 for jog speed 2.

Now we will adjust the Tach/Gain and Signal pots. Read the next steps completely before performing the operation.

  • While jogging the slide at 2 speed turn the Tach/Gain pot so that the number for the corresponding axis grows until 175. It may not get to 175, this is OK. Do not turn past 175.

  • Now turn the Signal pot until the display gets to 125

  • Go back to the Tach/Gain pot and turn down to 100, you are done.

If the number stops at 125 no matter how much you continue to turn the pot, the amp is

  • Turn the Tach/Gain back to 100. You are done.

If the number will not go to at least 125 the signal pot needs to be turned up.

  • Turn the signal pot until the number goes up to 125

  • Turn the Tach/Gain pot back down to 100, you are done.

After these adjustments are made it will be necessary to adjust the Balance back to 0.

If the axes are vibrating turn the COMP pot CW until there is no vibration.