Threading Problems

There are several things that can cause threading problems on the OmniTurn.

Here is a list of problems and what can cause them.

Bad thread form

Tooling and work holding

Encoder pulley and belt problems

Defective encoder

Encoder cable

Bad axis motor or MC2 motion control card

Mechanical problem

Servo shut down during threading

Programming problems
Axis over travel - Check stroke of slide

Slide goes into position and won't thread

Spindle encoder
Encoder cable

Bad Finish
First thread is bad

Programming issues

Threading cycle has to many passes

Check the "I" value, it could be to small

1. Tooling and work holding:

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2. Programming problems

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3. Encoder pulley and belt problems

A mistracking spindle encoder belt can cause a number of problems that yield bad thread forms. Or the thread is stripped off the diameter.


Run test procedure as follows.

Encoder pulley and belt test

      Mark the both pulleys at 12 o'clock with a grease pencil or caulk.

      Mark the spindle at twelve o'clock.

      Run the spindle for a while (30 seconds). Stop the spindle and turn by hand back to twelve o'clock

      Timing marks should be back to the original alignment.





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4. Defective encoder:

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5. Encoder cable:

If you suspect there may be a problem with the cable, and you have another OmniTurn swap cables.

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6. Bad Servo motors or bad MC2 card:

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Mechanical Problems: