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WITH CORE EXCHANGE - 1 Year Warranty from Ship Date

The OmniTurn G4 CNC control incorporates the latest in PC CNC control technology.

This CNC utilizes the best features gained since our first PC based CNC control which introduced in 1987. The parts count in the control is reduced considerably, as well as the number of electrical connections, resulting in better reliability.

  • Up to 5 axes of motion can be controlled simultaneously
  • OmniTurn lathes with "C" axis spindle can be programmed simultaneously with X and Z axis.
  • Now you can save and transfer programs using a standard USB memory stick
  • Y axis on tooling plate

Some advantages of the G4 CNC: Faster servo update time resulting in better finishes and tighter arc blending Three ways to input a program: RS-232, keyboard and USB memory stick Color LCD display and enhanced user display One-year warranty on all CNC control components High capacity solid state hard drive Four axis simultaneous control On-screen display of tool number & true position Plane-switching for milling

Special Features

  • Plane Switching allows programming as mill, for features on face or side of part.
  • Any X & Z move can be synchronized to spindle for custom threads, etc.
  • Compatible with auto-vision to orient part in spindle.
  • Plug-Compatible with existing OmniTurn machines.

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