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Name : Chris Smith - Machine Shop Manager
Company : Coastal Pet Products
City : Alliance  |  State : Ohio
Industry : Manufacturing

Message :
Mike - Just wanted to say thank you again for the training. You did a very nice job at facilitating the information to us. JW and I worked with Jim first thing this morning setting up for a job run and everything went very smooth. Even though I will not be using this as much as I would like, it's still nice to have this knowledge of how it works and what it does to help me understand the machinery that I am responsible for. I really appreciate you working with our schedule and making the drive every morning to help educate us with what you know.

Also, thank you for sharing the videos with us and getting me the information for the part needed for the CNC. This part is now on order.

Name : Robert Pfisterer, President
Company : ELGE Precision Machining, Inc.
City : Reading  |  State : Pennslyvania
Industry : Manufacturing

Message :
Thanks again for the great customer service. We love our Omni's. They run every day & all day.

Name : Brad Hembree
Company : Mid West Fabricating
City : Amanda  |  State : Ohio
Industry : Manufacturing

Message :
We have had several people trained In-house by Richlin Machinery and each of those employees have been able to utilize their training daily. The training was very thorough and when it was completed the personnel had enough knowledge that they actually started programming and machining the following week.

Name : Dave Wysong
Company : Lenz Corporation
City : Dayton  |  State : Ohio
Industry : Hydraulic Fittings, Screw Machine

Message :
Excellent for secondary operations on smaller parts.  Cost effective.  Great phone support from Richlin Machinery.

Name : Pat McGuckin
Company : Efficient Machine
City : Strongsville  |  State : Ohio
Industry : Manufacturing

Message :
We have had a GT-75 for over 12 years and have run bar stock and secondary operations.  The machine has been a work horse with very little down time for repairs.  Phone support has been excellent.

Name : Don Nicholson
Company : Advanced Secondaries Inc.
City : Cleveland  |  State : Ohio
Industry : Machining of Secondary Operations to Manufactured Items.

Message :
We started with our first Omni-Turn in 2000.  Great pocket rocket CNC Lathe.  Cost of equipment ratio to return is great.  We now have 8 units.

Name : Ted Utlak
Company : RAMCO
City : Hudson  |  State : Ohio
Industry : Fastener Manufacturer

Message :
We have six Omni's in our facility.  We use them for internal finishing (drilling and tapping) of Aerospace fasteners.

What can I say?  Just a solid, reliable machine that does exactly what we need.

Mike Pasko, sales - aces
Technical help - excellent
Buy one - you'll probably like it.

Name : Frank B. McClain
Company : Millennium Machine
City : Indianapolis  |  State : Indiana
Industry : Small machine shop - in my garage.

Message :
The machine runs great, and will do just about anything I can stuff in it. Very easy to program and has tons of program storage space. I do one of parts and production runs. Most of my production work is twelve foot bar. The most user friendly machine I have ever used. Go OmniTurn.

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