GT-75 Price list - 2/05
OmniTurn GT-75. including: 5 hp spindle drive, flood coolant, pneumatic collet closer, 10 MB. hard drive, 220V 1 or 3 phase (5 hp drive only, C axis 3 phase only) Extended X axis travel 12"
4 degree spindle nose

Threaded Spindle Nose - new 4/03

½" center height
2" center height -
3/8" center height
Vertical cut off
C axis spindle drive, 3 phase only
Short cycle spindle drive option for C axis drive
High Efficency Modification - yields 2hp output
Foredom live tool including: 220V single phase 1/4hp motor - 20,000 rpm max, spindle, drive shaft, speed controller, 1/8"" & 1/4"" collet, lubricant for spindle bearings. - Requires M function outlet, 220V single phase
Suhner live tool - light duty - Minifix drive, NA7 cable, BEWI-4 spindle
Suhner live tool includes motor - 1,020 to 14,400 rpm in 7 steps via gear box., spindle - uses ER16 collets - 10mm max, drive shaft. 1.36hp, 220V 3 phase. - Requires M function outlet, 220V three phase
M function controlled outlet: 220V three phase
M function controlled pneumatic outlet, no FRL, 8cfm
M function controlled outlet: Pneumatic with FRL, 8cfm
M function controlled outlet for NSK Astro-E400. Includes 24V control logic and power supply, pneumatics for spindle purge
M function controlled outlet for NSK Astro-E250. Includes relay control of spindle on/off.
Lag bolt kit for OmniTurn GT-75 and GT-Jr
TripleAir pneumatic bar feed - 12' x 1-1/16"
OmniZip Fast pneumatic rear end loader
OmniTurn 3" - 2 jaw chuck, .25"" diameter stroke, blind, max 5000 rpm.
OmniTurn 4" - 3 jaw chuck, .25" dia. stroke, blind, 5,000# holding force.
OmniTurn 4.5" - 3 jaw chuck, .17"" dia. stroke, 1" through hole, 4000# holding force.
Through the spindle coolant, M function controlled
Through the spindle air blast, M function controlled
Part Conveyor - installed at factory.
Price does not include Required M function controlled outlet, 110V. Or the conveyor runs continuously. M function outlet is available if spare M function is available.
High Pressure coolant pump
Pneumatic tail stock
Additional I/O package, 8 in/6 out, programmable from Control
Transformer for control - 220V to 115V - 750KVA
* Startup by OmniTurn Tech. - Travel and expenses billed at cost